The war on weakness

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

By Usien (Own work) via WikiCommons

And then one day she realised that the effort it took to be weak and sentimental was far too much more than the strength it took to suck it up and keep walking on. She realised that the courage she had within her had been kept in storage for far too long, like a muscle that grows weak from disuse. Strength had atrophied, shrivelled up, yet was still there, nonetheless. Now taking it off the shelf, she blows the dust off of its top and polishes it till it shines. Just because she’s tired of whining, complaining, feeling helpless and sad all the time. Just because the want is too much to bear, too strong that she can feel its palpable presence, the weight of it, like a smooth grey stone in the palm of her hand. Because the black wave she feels starting to engulf her must be stopped. In order to change things, she must help herself. Perhaps this is the start. Perhaps this is the solution, the end. Maybe not talking about it, not allowing feelings to permeate every single thought, such that it oozes from her pores, is the key to the undoing of undoing.  « Read the rest of this entry »


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