Hello, I’m Trish!

Just having graduated from college, I’ve finally decided to get a blog, partly as a shout out of my thoughts to the great big universe and partly to soothe my frazzled sensibilities by trying to make sense of my life through writing about it.

This blog chronicles my (psychological) gap year as I try to find the answers to the bigger life questions that I, and other young people (not to mention some older people) like me, currently face. This is, by no means, an attempt to find any definitive answers to the oh-so-weighty problems of world peace, global warming, or even which is better – pepsi or coke. It’s a self-involved rant/commentary/contemplation of only that which is crucial to me right now – where to go from here and what is it that I really want. When I was a little girl, I guess I never really realised what chaos my life would be thrown into once I reached that point just after college that my parents always promised was when I could “do anything [I] wanted.” Call it whatever you want to call it – a very much-delayed teenage identity crisis, a tad-too-early quarter life crisis, or an absolutely mistimed mid-life crisis.

This year, anything’s fine by me.


P.S. Maybe this first entry might explain things better: https://pointlesswhy.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/of-commitment-to-the-cause/


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