Spontaneous Strawberry Saturdays.

March 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was quite sceptical at first (yes, amongst other things) when I heard a knocking on my door at 9:30 am on a Saturday morning, insisting that I “get up already!” to go on an impromptu road trip. I was looking forward to having a long late breakfast with my kindle and my coffee, but I was up for the change in routine. For people who know me and my family, you’ll know that it’s not often we do ‘spontaneous’. It’s a relatively alien concept that isn’t one of the things we do, yet each time it manages to surprise us. Last Saturday wasn’t an exception – it was spontaneity meets Saturday meets strawberries (whuuut?).

After an hour and a half, we set out (with snacks, loaded iPods, and a couple of tumblers of coffee) on our slightly long drive to Mornington Peninsula, approximately 2 hours away from where we live.

Our first stop was a place called Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens. The weather was mild, the garden was lush, and it was a wonderful departure from the past couple of months’ distractions that mainly consisted of the airconditioned indoors of the malls and malls and malls of Manila. While I’m not much for the great outdoors (it’s always been too uncontrolled, too uncertain and rough, not to mention too dirty for my taste),  I welcomed the difference, the pleasantness of it all.

A map of the 25 acres of gardens, lakes, ponds, pools, mazes, etc.etc. of Ashcombe. And no...we did not walk through and experience all 25 acres, thank goodness.

Ashcombe was nice, although the entrance fee, like everything in Australia at the moment, was a bit pricey (AUD $17.50!). For the opportunity to a) serve as ammo for my blog and b) give me  a chance to get in on this iPhoneography hype that everyone’s suddenly on, it was pretty worth it. (The macro lens on my iPhone that i’ve read good reviews about, not so much….)

Image credits for this one goes to my brother.

Our next stop was Sunny Ridge Strawberry farm. This is where the real fun began. I had no idea how much more fun picking food off branches and bushes was, as compared to picking them off shelves! It was $8 entrance per person, but that included all the strawberry you could fit into the plastic boxes they gave each one of us.

I’m usually not one for nature and getting my hands dirty but since that was the spirit of the day…I enjoyed the dirt (no matter how ridiculously minimal it was). My brother, on the other hand, preferred to delegate his strawberry-picking duties to the rest of us while he took photos, laughed and pointed every time I squealed when I sank my finger into the mushy insides of an overripe strawberry.

Hmmm....no sign of other berries anywhere.

After the whole fun of picking strawberries and walking amongst the leafy greens of mazes and gardens, it was finally time to head home – where we quickly turned the strawberries above into this:

Maybe not as "natural" as the spirit of the day intended, but hey, ice cream comes from cows too.

All in all…an extremely fun day! Here’s to more spontaneity – to just getting up to go!


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