On not knowing.

January 13, 2012 § Leave a comment


Maybe there is a certain kind of joy that is to be reveled in in not knowing. Maybe the excitement of waiting for what the future will bring is and should be just that – excitement. Maybe it’s all a matter of perspective, what the future holds.

Maybe the joy is not in the answer we seek but in the question itself that we ask.

Maybe i’m not meant to know everything and anything these days, at this point in my life. Maybe this epoch is for exploration and learning, of discovery of myself and of the greater world. Maybe the beauty is in the world surprising you with what it can suddenly offer.

Maybe I should love the freedom of choosing instead of being boxed in by the array of choices before me. Maybe there are no shoulds, only mays and cans. Maybe there is something in letting the dice fall where they may, letting water take its natural course, going with the flow.


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